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Name: The Kingdom Hospital - Jordan
Client: Al Inwan for Medical Services
Cost: US$ 60.75M
SERVICES PROVIDED: Pre-Design Management Services

The Kingdom Hospital has estimated built-up area of 29,000m2  to 40,000 m2 to be built on a land area of 13,968 m2 and can accommodate the 150 beds. This includes the parking 8,000 m2 comprising around 270 parking spaces. The hospital shall also include six Operation Theaters, sixteen outpatient clinics, thirty offices, physiotherapy and radiology facilities, cafeteria, restrooms, pharmacy, laundry, laboratories, storage facilities, etc.

Name: Renovation of Ahmadi Hospital - Kuwait
Client: Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)
Cost: US$ 24M
SERVICES PROVIDED: Enhancement and Construction Management

The Ahmadi Hospital is situated 3km from center of Ahmadi City, 4.80 km from King Fahed Motorway and 3.7 km away from the KOC facility. The hospital was renovated and additional wards were added, including the entrance hall, a new dental clinic and an overall upgrading of the infrastructure.

Name: The Kilani Healthcare Institute - Jordan
Client: Dr. Zaid Kilani
Cost: US$ 100M
SERVICES PROVIDED: Project and Construction Management

The Kilani Health Care Institute Project is a general hospital encompassing a total built-up area of 33457 m2 and incorporating more than 80 beds distributed over 5 floors, an operation floor inclusive of one Hybrid operation room, a radiology floor and one vacant floor for future needs. The project is being constructed on the current parking area used by The Farah Maternity Hospital within an area of 6800 m2. The project constitutes 2 buildings one rising to an elevation of 4 floors above ground level and the other rising to 10 floors. In addition, 3 basement levels will serve the 2 buildings.